Custom Branded ePayments


C&E has partnered with ProfitStars® , a leader in the industry, to provide a custom branded ePayment solution for our customers. We will create a unique URL address that will adopt the branding of your business and can be linked to your current website creating a seamless experience for the end user.

  • Accept online payments via a secure, hosted payment portal that can be custom-branded for your organization.
  • Requires a minimal amount of technical setup and can link to your existing Web site.
  • Allows processing of a variety of payments:
    • Single payments from a checking or savings account (processed as a WEB ACH transaction).
    • Recurring payment from a checking or savings account (processed as WEB ACH transaction).
  • View real-time payment information using the linked RemitWeb tool from Profit Stars to monitor daily cash receipts online.
  • Enhances customer convenience by providing a user-friendly payment channel that can be accessed 24/7 as well as an online account history.
  • By partnering with a leader in ePayments processing software our customers are assured to always be operating with the most technologically advanced solutions available