C&E has seen increasing interest from the Public Sector and Non-Profit organizations for lockbox services. We believe the common theme driving these institutions to lockbox services is a disconnect between their mission and their workload. Both public sector entities and non-profits tend to generate high volumes of small to moderately sized payments, which make low per transaction processing costs imperative. There also tends to be a cyclical nature to the flow of these payments, resulting in high demand for transaction processing for short periods of time. This creates a mismatch of resources within these organizations resulting in either over-staffing during slow periods or very slow processing during busy periods.

C&E has a full suite of Lockbox, ePayments by ProfitStars® and Document services that can be configured together or separately to fit any organization’s payment processing needs.


The C&E Advantage:

  • Service: The level of customer service we provide far surpasses anything found in the industry today. At C&E each client is assigned an account executive to extend to you the highest degree of service.  Most importantly, this person will not be a salesperson. He or she will be an executive directly involved in the day-to-day operation of your account.

  • Error Resolution: We pride ourselves on a payment rejection rate of less than 1%. A standard well above the industry average. This means more than 99% of payments processed by C&E complete the cycle from mailbox to deposit with zero input from our clients. Relieving you of the burden of resolving a high quantity of problem transactions every month.
  • Price: C&E’s combination of price and service offers the best value in the region for lockbox services. By reducing or re-allocating internal resources dedicated to your payments cycle you will be more cost efficient while simultaneously receiving better service and refocusing on your core mission.


How It Works:

C&E offers a wide array of payment options and services in an easily implemented system. Our services are bank agnostic and compatible with most accounting systems. Also our technology setup is very low maintenance, which allows us to have customers up and running on our platform quickly and without any business interruption during the transition.

Accuracy, Convenience & Speed: Physical deposits received at the C&E offices are processed with purpose built opening and scanning machinery ensuring accurate, same-day deposits of all your payments. Simultaneously, checks and the accompanying correspondence are digitally stored for convenient, efficient record keeping. To complete the cycle, deposit information can then be electronically transferred to your accounting system, which increases efficiency and eliminates the potential for input error.

Flexibility: Our goal is to tailor our platform to your needs. Not to have your institution conform to our system as some of our competitors prefer. To this end, when you choose C&E Lockbox you will not find yourself making big changes. Other than updating the address payments are sent to, you will not have to alter your current billing system or banking relationships.

Multiple Payment Options:
  • Automatic ACH from checking or savings account.
  • Traditional Invoice/Check payments
  • Recurring and one-time online payments via C&E’s ePayments by ProfitStars®
  • Online Bill Payments

Online Access: C&E has partnered with ProfitStars® , a leader in the industry, to provide a custom branded ePayment solution for our customers. We will create a unique URL address that will adopt the branding of your organization and can be linked to your current website creating a seamless experience for the end user.

Through this system your customers are able to easily make payments from anywhere via their account on the system. The platform can be configured to accept one-time or recurring ACH and credit card payments. From a management perspective all of your deposit and account information is readily available in real time via our Remit Web reporting tool, where you can view reports related to your payments cycle, download remittance data to be transferred to your accounting system and view your digitally stored documents.