Tuition management has been a core business at C&E for more than two decades. We combine our industry experience, technology and highly accessible customer service to offer the most accurate, cost effective and efficient tuition management service in the region.

C&E has integrated its full suite of Lockbox, ePayments and Document services into highly a cost effective Tuition Management System that can be tailored to the needs of any educational institution.


The C&E Advantage:

  • Service: The level of customer service we provide far surpasses anything found in the industry today. At C&E each client is assigned an account executive to extend to you the highest degree of service.  Most importantly, this person will not be a salesperson. He or she will be an executive directly involved in the day-to-day operation of your account.

  • Error Resolution: We pride ourselves on a payment rejection rate of less than 1%. A standard well above the industry average. This means more than 99% of payments processed by C&E complete the cycle from mailbox to deposit with zero input from our clients. Relieving you of the burden of resolving a high quantity of problem transactions every month.
  • Price: C&E Lockbox Service is surprisingly affordable. Compare our economical rates with our competitors (banks or national tuition companies that charge huge fees), and you'll soon find that C&E provides superior service at nearly half the cost.

  • Proven Track Record: Traditionally schools using the C&E System collect over 99% of their tuition. The combination of our tools and a concentrated in-house effort has led many of our schools to collect 100% tuition in a given school year.

How It Works:

C&E prides itself on offering the widest array of payment options and services in the tuition management industry at the lowest price. We will manage your school’s entire tuition portfolio, not just those who sign up for a monthly payment plan.

Accuracy, Convenience & Speed: Physical deposits received at the C&E offices are processed with purpose built opening and scanning machinery ensuring accurate, same-day deposits of all your payments. Simultaneously, checks and the accompanying correspondence are digitally stored for convenient, efficient record keeping.

Flexibility: Our goal is to tailor our system to your needs. Not to make your school fit our system. To this end, the customer sets all payment schedules and plans. We can easily accommodate a combination of monthly, quarterly and bi-annual payment plans to work with your customers. Additionally, C&E will processes one-time “pay-in-full” customers free of charge.

Multiple Payment Options:
  • Automatic ACH from checking or savings account.
  • Payments on a coupon book system
  • Online Payments via C&E’s ePayments System
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Bank Checks/Personal Checks/Money Orders

Online Access:  The simple user interface in our ePayments system is easily understood and accessible to any family with Internet access. It makes the process of paying tuition and fees as straight forward as possible. Customers can make payments and view real time account balances and payment history as part of their account.  School Administrators are provided access to all of your account histories, delinquency reports, trial balances, and daily cash receipts for both online and physical payments.

Bespoke Services:
  • Integration of additional billing items into the tuition cycle, including: general fee, administrative fees, late charges, etc.
  • Customized reporting, often free of charge, to assist you in meeting state, district or archdiocese annual reporting requirements
  • Customized correspondence ahead of milestone dates on the annual calendar. Report cards, exams, etc.