Founded in 1976, C&E Lockbox Services has been involved in the field of remittance processing and accounts receivable management for nearly forty years.  During this time we have processed payments for a wide variety of public and private sector entities including Real Estate Managers, Property Owners, Timeshare Resorts, Educational Institutions, Healthcare Providers, Municipalities and Utility Companies.  

C&E is privately held and has been a family-run company since its inception.  Founded by our Chairman Emeritus Robert Woods, and currently headed by Jim Woods and Christine Woods, C&E has transformed into a comprehensive Lockbox provider for the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic Regions.  While the industry and our company have changed in myriad ways since our inception, C&E remains committed to its original core value: unparalleled, personalized customer service.

Our Mission:

C&E combines our long history of industry expertise with the most current software and hardware technologies to provide dependable, timely and cost-effective remittance processing solutions.  Our goal is to provide customized solutions to  streamline the payments and accounts receivables process for our customers while reducing costs, accelerating receivables and providing superior customer service.  We are succeeding when you receive your working capital faster and easier that you thought possible.

C&E Today:

  • C&E processes over $90 million per month in payments for our customers
  • Have active customers in a broad range of industries
  • In the real estate industry alone C&E processes monthly payments for nearly 1000 properties and 100,000+ units
  • Recently expanded our partnership with Jack Henry and ProfitStars® to stay ahead of the curve on technological innovation